AI 2041 – Ten Visions for Our Future

Authors Kai-Fu Lee, CEO of Sinovation Ventures and author of AI Superpowers, and Chen Quifan, award-winning author, translator, creative producer and curator, have written a collection of 10 stories about the future of AI, blending storytelling with scientific forecasting.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already well known and used increasingly in logistics and supply chain management. It nevertheless remains a somewhat vague and nebulous concept for many professionals and this book introduces AI as science fiction within the context of 10 visions of the future.

The authors chose 10 future scenarios that could be realised in 2041, and wrote a science fiction story on each, introducing different types of AI that are likely be present in those scenarios. It is based on how the future will likely be shaped by AI and offers insights into possible response and implications of the use of AI in future. Each chapter starts with a story and ends with a detailed commentary on the technical use of AI in the context of the specific story.

The stories cover deep-learningenabled programmes and the risk of sharing too much data, deepfake productions, breakthroughs in computer vision, biometrics and AI security, augmented reality, quantum computing, AI-enabled autonomous weapons, bitcoin security, ethical and social issues, breakthroughs in computer vision, biometrics, the future of money, AI security and more. •