Seabourne Logistics expands to a new & improved facility in Gauteng

Seabourne Logistics is moving into its move into a new, expansive facility in Gauteng. The new 22 000 square metres premises signals a significant step forward for the company's growth and operational capabilities in the country.

Located in the Eastport Logistics Park in Kempton Park on the East Rand, the move positions Seabourne as a critical player in the region's logistics landscape. With ample space and a well-planned layout, the facility is set to enhance Seabourne's efficiency, capacity, and ability to serve its clients. Centrally located near the airport and all of the major highways in Gauteng, it will allow for easy access and movement.

The contemporary office and warehouse complex boasts an expansive 18 500 square metres under roof, complete with newly installed 15-metre-high racking systems. During the initial phase, 5 600 pallet spots will be readily accessible within the racking infrastructure, while an additional 5 400 places are slated for implementation during the subsequent stage.

The new facility is a central element of Seabourne's forward-looking growth strategy, aimed at solidifying its position as a prominent player in South Africa's logistics sector. While the company's current facility has come a long way since its inception in a modest 25-square-metre, today spanning nearly 8 000 square metres, Seabourne recognises the need for increased capacity to support its ambition of becoming an unparalleled "one-stop-shop" catering to diverse client needs.

The transition from a building that was not conducive to cross-docking facilities to one equipped with 10 dock levellers, 10 courier doors, and 10 warehouse handling doors represents a significant leap forward. These enhancements will have a profound impact on the company’s operations, enabling it to better serve clients and streamline logistics processes.

"This move represents a significant milestone for Seabourne as we continue to execute our active growth strategy that has been crafted to leverage every angle, from courier and e-commerce to warehousing and final mile delivery," says David Frank, newly appointed Warehouse Executive at Seabourne.

"We are well-equipped to provide seamless logistics support. Our new facility is a testament to our commitment to providing top solutions and exceptional service to our clients. The new facility moves us closer to achieving our expansion goals and improving efficiency,” says Rouche Van Der Westhuizen, Johannesburg Branch Manager.

Enhanced with top-end technological systems and advanced equipment, the facility boasts a layout that facilitates current operations. It paves the way for future expansion, enabling Seabourne to adeptly meet the escalating needs of its clients and the market. Furthermore, the facility's robust infrastructure empowers it to block stack goods at double efficiency and even triple levels, offering specialised accommodation for hazardous materials.

"We can address diverse requirements, while being aware of our storage objectives," continues Frank. "Seabourne upholds exceptionally rigorous standards, driven not solely by profit motives, but also by the imperative to align with our reputation and uphold specific benchmarks. As a business, we pride ourselves on the relationships and partnerships we build with our clients."

The company is scheduled to transition out of its current facility by December. To ensure minimal disruption to operations and partners' businesses, Seabourne will gradually move its principals over weekends. "Our approach is methodical planning and a systematic schedule, with a dedicated effort from the entire team," concludes Frank.