While Transnet fails, Port of Maputo sets record levels in 2023

Maputo Port Development Company (MPDC) has announced its annual results, highlighting significant growth in various metrics, consolidating its position as one of the region's main economic drivers.

Of the 31.2 million tons handled in 2023, approximately 25 million were made up of various ores, including chromium, ferrochrome, magnetite, coal, phosphate ore, vanadium, titanium, copper, vermiculite, among others. "The handling of these cargoes reflects the diversification strategy on which the Port of Maputo has focused in recent years," says Osório Lucas, MPDC's Chief Executive Officer.

One point to highlight is the more balanced distribution of the volumes transported. While 61% was handled by road, 39% was transported by rail, indicating a significant increase of 8.4% in rail use compared to the previous year - setting another record for the Port of Maputo.

"The sustainable growth of the transportation corridor continues to be a concern for MPDC. Although there is growth in rail handling, demand for the Port has grown exponentially and so we will continue to work with CFM to seek a better balance between rail and road cargo," explains the Executive Director. Another of the measures adopted by MPDC during 2023 to mitigate road congestion was the November opening of the Truck Traffic Management Park in Pessene.

The substantial increase in the volume of cargo has had a direct impact on the value of the fixed and variable fees paid to the Government of Mozambique. In this context, the Port of Maputo contributed more than $41 million dollars (excluding taxes and dividends to shareholders), marking a growth of 29% on last year. This financial increase consolidates the Port's economic contribution to the country's development.

The year 2023 was also marked by a strong investment in Mozambican culture. The various celebrations associated with the Port of Maputo (20th anniversary of the concession to MPDC, 120 years of the Port of Maputo in partnership with CFM and the end of the year in partnership with Rádio Moçambique) were marked with unique musical shows, accessible to the general public, with a strong focus on national musicians and artists.

The social investment component included support for Kanyaka, with participation in the rehabilitation of the passenger transport vessel and investment in the executive project that will allow work to begin on the rehabilitation of the Kanyaka jetty in 2024.