New South African startup to offer cutting-edge solutions for the local transport industry

In the dynamic world of logistics and supply chain management, the introduction of innovative solutions is not just a trend but a necessity. 2024 sees the birth of a South African startup – CtrlFleet, co-founded by industry veterans Renko Bergh and Wichard Sullwald, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to their solution offering.

Pic: Renko Bergh and Wichard Sullwald - co-founders of CtrlFleet

CtrlFleet specializes in Transport Management Software, a critical area in the logistics sector. The company's entry is timely, considering the increasing complexities and demands of transport and fleet management. The duo's vision is not just to create a product but to forge a solution that addresses the nuanced needs of fleet owners and transport operators.

The transport industry, constantly on the move, faces numerous challenges ranging from route optimization and order execution with driver application, to real-time tracking and compliance issues like such as customer portals for live ETA’s. CtrlFleet's solutions aims to streamline these aspects, making operations more efficient and cost-effective. This is not just about introducing technology into existing systems but about integrating intelligent solutions that adapt to the unique challenges of the industry.

Bergh and Sullwald's approach is grounded in their deep understanding of the industry's pulse. Their software is designed from the ground up to provide real-time data and the ability to meet the needs of every control room to execute and control their orders and fleet, helping businesses make informed decisions. The importance of data-driven decision-making in logistics cannot be overstated, especially in a sector where timing and precision play crucial roles.

CtrlFleet co-founders have complementary theoretical backgrounds and share the same hands-on practical experience and exposure in the transport industry. Renko holds a master's degree in supply chain and after gaining broad industry experience, co-founded a business that focused purely on the implementation of existing software in the transport, warehouse, and data visualization sectors.

Wichard holds a master's degree in applied mathematics (cum laude) and after experience in the financial tech sector, he trialed and tested transport management solutions for the optimization of operations at his family-owned transport business.

With a shared passion for the digitization of the logistics industry, the vision for CtrlFleet is to be the preferred next-generation transport management software provider in Africa and abroad.

CtrlFleet's entry into the market signifies a step towards modernization in the transport and logistics industry. With their innovative solutions, Bergh and Sullwald are not just offering a product but are partnering with businesses to navigate the complex logistics landscape.