Toyota Material Handling launches Vector A-series Man-Up Combis

With the warehouse industry requiring ever-greater efficiencies, Toyota Material Handling, a division of CFAO Equipment SA, has introduced the new Vector A-series Man-Up Combi – an articulated forklift truck that revolutionises warehouse operations and promises heightened agility, unmatched precision and elevated safety standards.

The Vector-A series Man-Up Combi features high rack handling capabilities and is designed to lift operators up to the level of the racks, allowing for more precise and comfortable handling of goods or order picking from different rack levels.

Stephen Mostert, National Technical Manager at CFAO Equipment SA, says the introduction of the Vector A-series is yet another innovative solution offered by the company to bolster the efficiency and safety of its customers’ warehouse operations. 

“The Vector A-series comes into its own when the lifting gets heavy. With heavy loads, it’s imperative to keep steady, and that’s exactly where the Vector A-series shines. With all models featuring triplex masts with low collapsed heights, and three-way forks, the articulated four-wheel chassis of the Vector A-series boasts exceptional stability during top-line operation, while minimising the aisle space needed for transfers between aisles.”

This contributes to a lighter overall weight due to decreased counterweight stability needs. When paired with its robust twin-drive motors, it yields unparalleled performance and shortened work-cycle durations. This, in turn, means faster picking times.

In addition, its staggered quadset support wheels not only provide a smoother ride capable of counteracting floor defects, but prolong the lifespan of the polyurethane wheels, quadrupling their life expectancy.

“The unique pivot point of the Vector A-series range allows it to navigate through aisles that are narrower (by more than a metre) than those required by non-articulated trucks. This facilitates the provision of an additional four pallet positions on each level within an aisle,” adds Mostert. “This allows it to lift heights of over 16.8m with a load capacity of 1,000kg in the case of the VCE150A model. In doing so unlocks the potential to increase storage height without the need to expand floor space.”

The Vector A-series features Toyota Material Handling’s patented Advanced Lifting System, decreasing the battery energy needed to lift the cabin and load. This allows for up to 30% of the energy required to lift a load to be regenerated during lowering, facilitating two shifts on a single charge.

"Considering that operators spend six to 10 hours daily in the cabin, our truck's design prioritises their requirements," elaborates Mostert. “With this in mind, the cockpit is designed to offer the clearest possible view in all directions, and incorporates various technologies dedicated to bridging the gap between man and machine by greatly enhancing cabin comfort, while also boosting safety and efficiency."

Central to this is a large Human Machine Interface (HMI) that features a colour touch display for improved interactivity between operator and machine. The interface displays vital information, such as current lift height and navigation, as well as fork load, position and direction.

As with all Toyota Material Handling products, safety remains a top priority. The Vector A-series features Toyota Material Handling’s innovative Personal Protection System (PPS) that not only detects obstructions such as shelving, but personnel as well, bringing the truck to a stand-still in the case of impediments. Moreover, the truck features advanced stability sensors to prevent it from tipping over, as well as a dual hands-on human detection system that requires the operator to have both hands on the controls to operate.”

“With an array of groundbreaking features engineered to optimise efficiency and safety, the Vector A-series Man-Up Combis aim to redefine the South African warehouse sector, ushering in a new era of productivity and prosperity,” concludes Mostert.