Transnova acquires Maluti-X, harnessing the power of data revolution to transform data into action

Transnova is proud to announce the acquisition of Maluti-X, leveraging the strengths of both companies’ networks, people, and skillsets to unlock new value for customers.

In today's complex data-driven business environment, companies are collecting an exponential amount of data from a multitude of sources. The challenge companies face, particularly in supply chain operations, is how to use that enormous amount of data to drive information into action and deliver tangible value.

Maluti-X is a leading supply chain advisory and data analytics firm led by a team of experienced supply chain professionals. Maluti-X operates through three key divisions: Supply Chain Consulting, Data Revolution and Supply Chain Solutions. Customers who have partnered with Maluti-X include Amka, Digistics, Mr Price, Grandmark and Woolworths among others.

“The acquisition of Maluti-X brings together two companies with complementary solutions, customers, values, culture and vision,” said Transnova CEO, Eric Gower-Winter. “Maluti-X is leading the way in transforming data into action for customers which is where the industry is heading and a skill that is in high demand within our own extended customer base and network.”

“They have also developed a unique labour optimisation and scheduling tool called MILO which allows companies to automate the operational decision-making and labour planning process. This ensures that the correct number of resources are used at the right time, thereby minimising overtime while adhering to labour laws,” said Gower-Winter.

A recent Gartner survey highlighted that data analysis is the leading priority in supply chain, closely followed by IOT and cloud computing. Through 2024, 50 per cent of supply chain organisations will invest in applications that support artificial intelligence and advanced analytics capabilities.

“We are pleased to join the dynamic team at Transnova who have achieved phenomenal growth in the past decade,” said Stephan Maré, Managing Director at Maluti-X. “We are excited to learn from them, to share our knowledge and skills, and combine forces to unlock additional value for new and existing customers.”

“Maluti-X will continue to operate independently to Transnova however close collaboration and knowledge sharing is already underway across both teams,” said Gower-Winter. “This acquisition made sense for both parties and was simple to conclude due to the strong cultural fit across both organisations. We are a group of people who share the same values – a group with a deep drive to serve our customers first and foremost. We love solving our customers’ problems and finding solutions to their everyday issues and future challenges. We believe in turning these issues into opportunities for mutual benefit.”