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Chairman’s Address

                                 Judging panel

                      chairman’s address

                                                                                                 By Charles Dey

                Rebuilding the future of South Africa through supply chain management lessons.

          ON BEHALF of the judging panel, I would like      In this context, are there lessons from LAA
          to thank all of the LAA 2018 participants for     2018 that could be applied in the rebuilding of
          the invaluable lessons that we judges were        this country? I believe that these are the most
          privileged to learn at your figurative feet.      important:
            There is no university or college in            •  Accountability is key: At the core of every
          the world that can rival the powerful               entry was a realisation on the part of those
          demonstrations of how to make things work           responsible that there are no job descriptions;
          than those we were shown: These lessons             everybody made sure that what needed to
          have enabled each of us to up our own game,         happen, happened.
          and for that we are grateful to you.              •  People matter and diversity succeeds: A
            Some years ago, the Bidvest Group                 striking feature of this year’s solutions is that
          adopted the rallying cry, “We refuse                they were a lot less about technology than
          to participate in the recession.” The               they were about people – how to change
          extraordinary ways in which the LAA 2018            behaviour and improve people performance
          entrants lived up to this motto shows               through training, through incentivisation,
          that there’s a power at work here: It’s the         through teambuilding and, even more simply,
          power of different people with different            through showing that the organisation cares.
          qualifications and backgrounds uniting to         •  Supply chain management is pervasive. There
          achieve outstanding results. It’s the power         was a huge diversity in the scope of entries –
          within those organisations that are prepared        from delivering a houseboat against impossible
          to challenge the status quo which uplifts their     odds to making sure there’s enough ice for the
          people to aspire to new heights. It’s the power     sundowners to optimising driver performance
          that inspires individual people to achieve          and safety. And yet, each entry represented
          results way beyond their previous perceived         the achievement of the same basic objective –
          limitations.                                        the right goods, to the right place, at the right
            Many would have us believe that we are an         price, at the right time, every time.
          inextricably divided society that will never be      Can we use such lessons in the wider context?
          able rise above its differences. Such people      Sure:
          would do well to experience the forces that       •  As each is prepared and able to stop the blame
          have welded each of the teams together who          game in South Africa, we all win;
          produced the exceptional results that we see      •  As each South African is able to look at
          in LAA 2018.                                        another in the eye and REALLY see how we
            And, to those who despair that there are          depend on each other, we all win;
          no returns on investment in SA Ltd, we would      •  And, as each South African learns that it’s the
          urge them to look at the case studies of this       customer who pays the bills, we all win.
          year’s LAA entries – solid, measurable results       And so, in conclusion, we take from LAA 2018
          based on innovative solutions and dedicated       synergies, working models and examples of a
          teamwork.                                         leadership ethos in a number of spheres. By
            This leads to a very important                  sharing these, the LAA 2018 entrants have not
          consideration: Compared to this time last         only strengthened their own organisations, they
          year (remember this time last year?), we          have provided huge inspiration to those who are
          have at last some reason to be cautiously         prepared to apply their lessons.
          optimistic about South Africa into the future.       Long may this continue. •

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