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         The Volvo Ocean Race and          Dreaming of a united Africa  Robot manages warehouse
         microplastics                     A focus on the need for modern  inventory
         The Race’s Science Programme      trade processes to facilitate the   Fetch Robotics has built Sick
         found the highest levels of       fl ow of goods across borders.     RFID technology into its
         microplastics in the South China                                    TagSurveyor robot.

          COVER                            Thought Leadership                   manage warehouse inventory
                                           2  The continued growth of        22 Barcode symbology
                                               Internet of things            24  Mobile technologies are
                                           4  De Beers uses blockchain          benefi ting the transport
                                               to track diamonds                industry
                                           6  Personal relationships in the  26  SAPICS Conference celebrates
                                               3PL industry                     40 years
                                           8  The Volvo Ocean Race and
                                               the CleanSeas Campaign
                                           10  The Kaizen Paradox            News
                                                                             30  IAG Cargo grows network/
                                                                                Richards Bay lighthouse
                                           Opinion                              demolished/FAW’s stand at
                                           12  Mobility – shifting our          Nampo
                                               world. By Doug Hunter         32  Safety in transit/CT airport’s
                                           13   How to benefi t from using       cargo strategy/Africa Logistics
                                               data in your company. By         Network Conference
                                               Rick de Klerk                 33  FUCHS Lubricants’ new plant/
                                           14  Dreaming of a united Africa.     Port of East London expands its
                                               By Juanita Maree                 petroleum footprint
           Innovative Staffi  ng Solutions,                                  34  Small is beautiful for GLTC/Hino
           which off ers staff  outsourcing                                     cuts part pricing/Western Cape
           services, ensure its employees   Feature                             gets maritime cluster
           are well taken care of so that   16  Book Review: Enterprise      35   SANRAL on the environment:
           they can, in turn, deliver the      Labeling for Dummies             Expropriation with
           industry-leading services that   18  Outsourcing company             compensation
           the company off ers its clients.
                                               prioritises employee well-
                                           20  Robot employs RFID to         36 Associations directory

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