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Thought Leadership

                    The continued growth

              of Internet of things (IoT)

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            Logistics experts are continually fi nding ways to utilise the Internet of things (IoT) to improve
            systems and networks, reduce costs and identify new opportunities to generate more revenue.

            IOT IS a system of interconnected computing        manufacturers will take substantial market share
            devices that have unique identifiers to            from competitors. Additionally, Gartner listed IoT
            transfer data over a network, without the          as a top supply chain technology trend of 2018
            need for human-to-human or human-to-               – alongside other emerging technologies like
            computer interaction. According to research        blockchain, robotic process automation (RPA)
            and advisory company Gartner, IoT is about         and artifi cial intelligence (AI), suggesting that
            to play an even larger role in retail and supply   IoT will continue to be implemented in logistics
            chain in the upcoming years.                       processes. So what practical purposes does IoT
               The research fi rm stated that retailers that    hold now and how is it shaping the future of the
            are engaged in IoT partnerships with major         supply chain industry?

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