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                                 Dreaming of a

                                   united Africa

                                                                                                 By Juanita Maree

                                                                              Three recent media reports
                                                                             have literally set the world of
                                                                                     logistics on fi re.

                                                                            THE FIRST was President Ramaphosa
                                                                            announcing the establishing of the
                                                                            African Continental Free Trade Area
                                                                            (AfCFTA). Then the report ‘Future of
                                                                            Fulfi lment Vision Study’, by US fi rm
                                                                            Zebra Technologies, revealed that 78
                                                                            percent of logistics companies expect
                                                                            to provide same-day delivery by
                                                                            2023 and that 40 percent of logistics
                                                                            companies anticipate delivery within
                                                                            a two-hour window by 2028. Then
                                                                            the South African Revenue Service
                                                                            (SARS) introduced a new electronic
                                                                            cargo reporting system to track the
                                                                            movement of cargo into and out of
                                                                            the country, ending one of its last
                                                                            remaining paper-based processes
                                                                            and providing customs offi  cials with
                                                                            the capability to track goods from
                                                                            beginning to end.
                                                                              Taken in context with each other,
                                                                            this highlights the critical need for the
                                                                            modernisation of trade processes that
                                                                            require governments and companies
                                                                            to fi nd mechanisms to work together
                                                                            to facilitate the fl ow of goods across
                                                                            borders and, further down the
                                                                            line, contribute to establishing an
                                                                            integrated market in Africa that will
                                                                            consist of over one billion people
                                                                            with a gross domestic product of 2,6
                                                                            trillion US dollars.
                                                                              The vision of a borderless
                                                                            continent with single currency may
                                                                            be highly desirable from a trade point
                                                                            of view, but the practicalities on the

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