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Thought Leadership

                 Bridge to blockchain

                                                                  By Geoffrey Annseley, courtesy One Network Enterprises
                               A platform for orchestrating multi-enterprise networks.

             BY NOW, most forward-looking corporate            business for years to come. Many organisations
             business leaders, IT leaders and business         are still completely unaware of blockchain-based
             consulting companies realise that the third       organisations already targeting their business
             generation of blockchain networks fundamentally   models directly armed with advanced, well-
             works, and sooner or later is going to impact     funded blockchain platforms. Many decentralised
             every market and corporation in one or more       blockchain-based organisations aim to completely
             important dimensions. Scaling issues are quickly   disrupt brittle, complex B2B and B2C processes.
             disappearing and transaction costs on many        The problem is enterprise resource planning (ERP)
             networks are plummeting.                          and B2B systems were not designed to operate in
               The time for experiments to validate capability   the blockchain-based multi-party network world.
             is coming to an end. More and more companies         One of the core ideas behind the vast majority
             are making bold statements around their vision    of blockchain networks and projects is to bypass
             for utilising blockchains, many large iconic cloud   the ‘middleman’, including many ’enterprise and
             companies are in stealth mode, buying blockchain   cloud services’, enabling parties at any location
             companies and pouring money into their own        in a business network to transact directly with
             blockchain research. Some are motivated by        each other and simplify business processes. But
             fear of disruption, while others see new business   the applications that populate today’s corporate
             opportunities and a once-in-a-lifetime chance     IT landscape were designed around servicing one
             to get an edge on the competition or move into    centralised, single corporation at a time. It is no
             previously impenetrable markets. Yet others are   surprise, then, that the value of moving enterprise
             struggling with the basics of how blockchain can   applications and single company business
             help their business, or just fl at out ignoring the   processes that involve one party to a blockchain
             technology, hoping that it will not impact their   network is small or negative. Processes that involve

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